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We specialize in all types of garage door repair as well as garage door replacement. Whether you are looking to increase your security or just get a handle fixed, we’re here in the Anderson,Indiana 24 hours a day.


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How to Get the Most Out of an Old Garage Door
Anderson Indiana How to Find the Right Garage Door Repair Service

Garage Door Repair

Our certified technicians can fix virtually any type of garage door on the market, no matter how old.

Anderson Indiana Do You Need a New Garage Door? That Might Depend on Where You Live

Storage Security

We specialize in improving the security of your storage space, whether lock upgrades or more.

Anderson Indiana How to Get the Most Out of an Old Garage Door

Garage Door Replacement

We can replace your old garage doors with newer, upgraded models when needed.

Anderson Indiana Don't Forget About Your Garage Door When You Renovate Your Home

24-Hour Service

No matter when you need us, our service technicians are available for you.

Anderson Indiana How a New Garage Door can Make Your Home Safer

Custom Garage Installation

If you need a new garage installed, we can help you plan and install your new garage.

Anderson Indiana Repairing Storm Damage on Your Garage Door

Wide Selection

We help you choose from a wide variety of garage doors to design and maintain your perfect garage.

Who Do I Call If I Need Your Services?

The best way to reach us is to call 201-055-1128 and talk to one of our qualified technicians.

Exactly what is the down payment?

After we have a handle on precisely what you need done, we have a standard 50% deposit to begin.

Do You Guarantee Your Services?

We guarantee 100% satisfaction for all of our customers and will work to make sure they are satisfied.

How Long Will It Take To Finish The Job?

The time to complete the work varies with the type and size of the job in question

Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips: When to Call a Professional
Anderson Indiana Emergency Garage Door Repair

Maddie Glick

I didn’t think someone would actually stop by on the weekends for a stuck garage door but there I was on a Saturday, and I got the work done that I needed! I was able to take care of all my weekend things-to-do because I was finally able to get the car out of the garage! Thanks, guys!

Anderson Indiana To Repair or Replace Your Garage Door: Weighing the Costs

Darryl Peaks

I’ve started working more in my garage and I needed more space. Thanks for helping me find the perfect garage that works for me! I’ll never have to worry about garage space issues again-- and the installation price was perfectly reasonable.

We are the BEST choice for
Garage Door Replacement in Anderson, Indiana.


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Information for Anderson, Indiana

Anderson, city, seat (1828) of Madison county, east-central Indiana, U.S. It lies along the White River, in a corn- (maize-) and wheat-producing region, 39 miles (63 km) northeast of Indianapolis. Founded in 1823 on the site of a Delaware Indian village, it was named Andersontown for a subchief, Koktowhanund, also known as William Anderson. In 1886 the city's industrial growth was assured with the discovery of natural gas in the locality. The city's manufactures now include automobile parts and electric vehicles. Anderson University was established in 1917 as the Anderson Bible Training School by the Church of God, whose world headquarters is also located in the city. Mounds State Park, just east of Anderson, contains the largest known Native American earthwork in Indiana as well as several other prehistoric mounds built by the Hopewell and Adenacultures . Thoroughbred and Standardbred horses are raced at Hoosier Park, southeast of downtown, from April through December. Inc. 1838, again in 1865. Pop. (2000) 59, 734; Anderson Metro Area, 133, 358; (2010) 56, 129; Anderson Metro Area, 131, 636.White River at Anderson, Ind. Tim Kiser

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Anderson - Expert Residential Garage Door Replacement Articles

5 Helpful Tips When Hiring a Garage Door Repair Company

When it comes to something as serious as your home's garage door, you don't want to risk hiring the wrong repair company. The results can be costly and dangerous to your family. Unfortunately, there are a lot of repair companies that aren't qualified to handle the job. With that being said, it's critically important that you know what to look for when hiring a company.

5 Smart Tips for Choosing a Repair Company

Regardless of the industry, there are always companies and so-called professionals who are totally fine with taking customers for a ride. And when it comes to an industry that's highly technical and specialized, the threat becomes even more prevalent.

In order to help you discern between manipulative companies and trusted professionals, we're happy to provide you with a list of smart tips for choosing the right garage door repair company.

1. Get Multiple Bids

Any time you're having work done on your home, it's smart to get multiple bids. This will give you an idea of what the 'going rate' is in the industry and whether or not you're getting a good deal.

Be sure you are comparing apples to apples. Do the companies offer 24-hour service? What warranty is offered? How long have they been in business? Do they use sub-contractors or are the technicians employed by the company? Will the technicians arrive in company uniforms with well-marked vehicles? All of these questions and more are important when considering different offers. More often than not, the cheapest option is not the best option.

2. Check Critical Information

When considering a garage door repair company, always do your due diligence. This means seeking out and verifying critical information. At the very least, review the following:

Physical address. Any reputable garage door repair company will have a physical address listed online. Always verify this address using Google Maps and Google Street View. Bogus companies will often list phony addresses to avoid being tracked down.

Website. In 2016, almost every reliable company will have a website. Don't fault a garage door repair company for having a poor website, but you should be skeptical if there's no site at all.

Google search. Finally, conduct a simple Google search of the company's name. This will bring up positive or negative information that you may not have uncovered on their website.

All of this information combined should give you a good idea of whether the company is genuine and how they're viewed in the industry. Some companies have a stronger web presence than others, but it's not smart to do business with one that has no paper trail.

3. Ask Friends for Recommendations

The best way to find a trustworthy garage door repair company is by asking friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. Chances are fairly high that you know someone who's had work done in the past. A positive referral or warning can help you in your search for a reputable company.

The great thing about asking people you know is that they have no skin in the game. They're going to be upfront and honest with you for two reasons. First off, they don't want to damage their relationship with you by pointing you in the direction of a sleazy company. Secondly, they don't get a kickback for sending you to the company. Therefore, they have no reason to provide erroneous information.

4. Study BBB Ratings

There are many different ratings and certifications a company can receive, but the gold standard in the industry is a rating from the Better Business Bureau. Before considering a company, go to the BBB website and search their name. Ratings scale from F to A+ and you can sift through reviews and complaints.

If a company isn't accredited or has a poor rating, then you'll want to think twice about working with them. However, if a company has been accredited for a long period of time and has a strong rating, then you can be sure they're reliable and well respected in the industry.

5. Look Out for Red Flags

In order to avoid working with untrustworthy companies, you'll need to be aware of some of the red flags - especially the following:

Excessive advertising. It's obviously important for a garage door repair company to advertise, but excessive advertising may be a cause for concern. When massive amounts of advertising are in play, it means the company has to recoup its expenses by charging high prices.

Multiple company names. If a company uses different names on advertisements, websites, and customer service phone lines, it's a good indication that they're evading someone or something. You want to see consistency in this area.

Weird feeling. If you get a weird or uneasy feeling when meeting with a repairman, then trust your intuition. An honest garage door repair company will make you feel at ease.

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